Vitolo Official Press New Contract in Sevilla

Vitolo Official Press New Contract in Sevilla

Sevilla president Jose Castro has stated that Vitolo has agreed on a new contract offer submitted by Sevilla.

The Spaniard was previously rumored to be moving to Atletico Madrid, and despite being in a transfer embargo phase, Atletico plans to lend Vitolo to Las Palmas, before finally letting the player move in January.

But in a press conference held on Monday, Castro revealed that the 27-year-old player has agreed on a five-year contract offer submitted by the club.

“Today I can say that Vitolo is a Sevilla player,” the Spaniard told reporters.

“There’s a lot of conversation going on, and now we can know exactly the color of the costume that Vitolo will wear, and that color is the white-red color of Sevilla.”

“He is one of the club captains. He always gives everything on the pitch, and we can only give words of praise to him. Instead of just talking, Sevilla decided to act. “

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