Wenger Wants Positive Trends FA Cup Continues in Community Shield

Wenger Wants Positive Trends FA Cup Continues in Community Shield

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for his team to reiterate the fantastic team’s performance in the FA Cup when Chelsea meet at the Community Shield event at the weekend Situs Poker.

Previously the two teams have met in the final FA Cup last season, where the final result of the Gunners won 2-1 over West London club and the winning goal at that time each printed by Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey. While the Blues goal by Diego Costa.

However, now they will be facing each other again in the early pre-season which took place at Wembley Stadium and with the extraordinary performance of Mesut Ozil Cs in the tournament last season. So the tacticsman challenges his squad to do the same on Sunday where it plays better while attacking and defending.

Even Arsene feel Chelsea are now different, the article they also recently brought new names of quality to Stamford Bridge and himself calls the chances of coach Antonio Conte won the title wide open.

“For us it’s a good chance to repeat the appearance in the FA Cup final,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“Both teams will want to win the first trophy this season with the strength and desire and ready to face the Championship. So play a part too.

“I would say that Chelsea look like they have retained 95 percent of their squad. Where they also added Bakayoko which is a very strong player, able to win the ball, he is strong, similar to Matic.

“Maybe he’s a bit in a run, but more impact. So they will spearhead to win it again.

“They have also replaced Costa with Morata. Morata may scored less than Costa, but he can score a hol and can give good.

“When against us in Asia, Batshuayi played very well. He is a promising young striker as well. So I hope they can fight again for next season. “

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