Easy Conclusion, Former Liverpool Criticism Player

Easy Conclusion, Former Liverpool Criticism Player

The defense has been one of the problems Liverpool have been struggling to overcome in recent years. Regardless of the appearance of goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, their goal was so easily broken down.

Surprisingly, Liverpool did not bring a new defender in the summer transfer market in 2017. As a result, they were so difficult to compete in the Premier League 2017/2018. New live seven games, their goal has conceded 12 goals.

Unlike the other top teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea. New Manchester duo conceded two goals from seven matches. Tottenham just seven times conceded and Chelsea six times.

Kevin Keegan who in fact former Liverpool striker also took part to highlight the phenomenon. However, according to former Manchester City coach, defense is not only a problem for Liverpool alone.

“I do not think City, Manchester United or Chelsea are very defensive – it’s not just Liverpool, it’s not fun to be a defender, if the defender does three tackles, he comes out, no wonder they’re cautious,” Keegan said.

It was in contrast to Liverpool’s front-line performance. Although lagging far behind City and Manchester United, at least they are still able to scored 13 goals in the Premier League. And the most fertile player of the Reds so far is Mohamed Salah.

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