Current Price of Phunware (PHUN) Stock

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Phunware, Inc., a mobile software and blockchain company founded in 2009 by Alan Knitowski and Luan Dang, offers integrated solutions to engage, manage, and monetize mobile applications globally. With headquarters in Austin, Texas, Phunware’s innovative services cater to advertising, marketing, and cryptocurrency loyalty programs. Tracking Phun stock is essential for investors due to its dynamic market presence and potential growth opportunities.

Overview of Phunware, Inc.

Company Background

History and Founding

Phunware Inc., founded in 2009 by Alan Knitowski and Luan Dang, offers integrated software platforms to companies. The company’s solutions provide brands with the necessary tools to engage, manage, and monetize their mobile application portfolios effectively.

Core Business and Services

Phunware provides companies with a comprehensive suite of products, solutions, and services to enhance their mobile presence. Their platform equips businesses with the resources needed for successful mobile engagement, management, and monetization strategies.

Market Position


In a competitive landscape, Phunware faces rivals in the mobile software industry. Despite competition, Phunware’s innovative approach sets it apart from other players in the market.

Market Share

With its unique offerings and strong market presence, Phunware has secured a notable position within the industry. The company’s ability to adapt to evolving market trends has contributed to its growing market share.

Phunware Stock Performance

Phunware Stock Performance
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Historical Performance

Yearly Trends

  1. Phunware stock has shown consistent growth over the years, reflecting its robust performance in the market.
  2. Investors have witnessed steady upward trends in the yearly performance of Phun stock.
  3. The annual trajectory of Phunware’s stock demonstrates a positive outlook for potential returns.

Major Milestones

  1. Phunware achieved significant milestones in its historical performance, marking key moments of success and growth.
  2. The company’s past accomplishments have contributed to its current standing in the market.
  3. Investors track these major milestones to gauge Phunware’s progress and future prospects.

Recent Performance

Last Quarter Analysis

  1. In the last quarter, Phun stock exhibited resilience amidst market fluctuations, showcasing its stability and growth potential.
  2. Analysts closely monitored Phunware’s performance during the recent quarter to assess its financial health and strategic direction.
  3. The last quarter analysis provides valuable insights into Phunware’s short-term performance trends.

Comparison with S&P 500

  1. Comparing Phun stock with the S&P 500 index reveals distinctive patterns and correlations within the market landscape.
  2. Investors analyze this comparison to evaluate how Phunware’s stock aligns with broader market trends and benchmarks.
  3. Understanding the relationship between Phun stock and the S&P 500 aids investors in making informed decisions.

News and Events Impacting PHUN Stock

News and Events Impacting PHUN Stock
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Recent News

Major Announcements

  • Phunware’s stock experienced a remarkable surge of 1,000% on Friday following a strategic move in December 2018. The company underwent a reverse merger with Stellar Acquisitions III, propelling it onto the NASDAQ exchange.

Market Reactions

  • Investors witnessed PHUN and PHUNW appearing on the threshold securities list for the first time on Friday, April 5, 2019. To acquire shares of PHUN, shareholders were required to complete the letter of transmittal and substitute Form W-9 before sending the necessary documents to Continental Stock Transfer & Trust.

Key Events

Product Launches

  • Introducing innovative products remains a core focus for Phunware. Stay updated on their latest product launches to gauge market response and potential growth opportunities.

Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Collaborations play a vital role in Phunware’s expansion strategy. Keep an eye out for new partnerships and collaborations that could influence Phun stock performance in the market.

Financial Health and Valuation

Earnings Reports

Latest Earnings Call

  • Revenue for the previous year amounted to $4.83 million, while the net loss stood at a significant $(41.94) million.

Revenue and Profit Analysis

  • Real value per share is reported at $5.06, contrasting with the current price per share of $5.49. These figures provide insights into Phunware’s valuation analysis.

Stock Valuation

Price-to-Earnings Ratio

  1. The non-GAAP adjusted net revenues in 2019 totaled $19 million, aligning with GAAP gross revenue for the same period.
  2. Understanding the price-to-earnings ratio aids investors in evaluating Phunware’s financial performance and market positioning.

Analyst Ratings

  • In the last quarter, Phunware recorded an EPS of -0.33 USD, with a forecasted revenue of 1.10 million USD for the upcoming quarter. Analyst ratings play a crucial role in assessing Phunware’s earnings and revenue trends accurately.
  • The current stock price of Phunware reflects its market value, distinct from the book value recorded on the company’s balance sheet. Understanding this difference is crucial for investors seeking growth opportunities.
  • Phunware’s EPS performance remains a key factor to monitor, with a recorded EPS of -0.33 USD in the last quarter against an estimated -0.43 USD. The upcoming quarter is expected to see an EPS of -0.37 USD.

Investors are encouraged to stay informed about Phunware’s financial news and performance to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on potential market movements.

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